The app detects words related to politics and activates an audio when it hears them to change the conversation

Place your mobile phone at the centre
of the conversation.

Make sure that nothing is covering the microphone or speaker.

Enjoy your Christmas dinner and let Silent Night take care of the rest.

How to position the mobile?

Place your mobile handset in the centre of the table and make sure that nothing is blocking the microphone.

When does it begin to work?

The App is activated manually so it only works when you want it to.

What reach does it have? Will it be able to hear people sat at the far end of the table?

Of course sound levels and distance can influence its voice recognition capacity but there shouldn’t be a problem as long as your family isn’t so numerous that it takes a 35 m long table to accommodate everyone!

Even though I turn the volume up full I can hardly hear it.

It could be that you are turning up the ring tone volume instead of the speaker volume. Try and turn it up when the app is functioning. If that doesn’t work, you can connect it to an external speaker which is sure to have a greater effect.

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